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We are a professional dog training facility located in Hubbard, Ohio whose goal is to enhance the human-animal bond through training and holistic wellness.  We have a combined 117 years of experience working with animals in the fields of training, rescue, animal behavior, and veterinary work.  We are devoted to helping dogs live their best life possible.

The Canine Campus was founded by Katie Costello. Katie is unique in that — in addition to an amazing career as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who works mostly with behavior issues — she also has over 15 years of experience as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She's worked on behavior issues with several different species and is an accredited, published, and sought-after member of the dog behavior world. In short, Katie understands dogs deeply in a multitude of ways.  

We are honored that you’re here, and can’t wait to meet your dog and have you become part of our family. We are dedicated to making your experience with us a wonderful one. Building the human-animal bond is why we exist.

Ours is a place that all dogs are welcome. We strongly believe that reactive, fearful, aggressive and mainstreamed dogs can all exist in the same space with the right education. Understanding and accepting all dogs and what shapes them is important. Many people with reactive and aggressive dogs are made to feel that they are horrible owners by society, and they are driven in to an isolated life that keeps their Dog stuck in an unhappy place. Many people believe that they somehow did something to contribute to their dogs behavior, and this is a common myth that we will debunk. There are truly special needs dogs that deserve as much love and understanding as any mainstream dog.

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Katie is listed as a Featured Mentor Trainer on the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Website !
 Katie is a licensed Be a Tree presenter....teaching kids how to prevent bites at schools and libraries

Katie is a licensed Be a Tree presenter....teaching kids how to prevent bites at schools and libraries

Dear Canine Campus and Katie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the help and training we received at our 2 rounds of Raging Rover in 2017/18. Our black lab/pit named Dorothy was very reactive and couldn’t even see another dog without peanut butter to calm her down. Today, with the training and tips we have learned we are happy to say we have brought a second dog into our home. Here is a picture of Dorothy and her new friend Teddy. Thank you again and well wishes from our furry family.
— Brett & Brittany Sandy

For questions about classes or to book a class, please contact our receptionist for the quickest response time.



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What Do the Experts Say?

Respected veterinarian  and thyroid  expert, Dr.  Jean Dodds, recommends against choke or prong collars “as they can easily injure the delicate butterfly- shaped thyroid gland  that sits just below the larynx and in front of the trachea. These collars can also injure the salivary glands and salivary lymph nodes on the side  of the face underneath both ears.” 

Bestselling author and canine behaviorist, Jean Donaldson, says: "These devices (choke and prong collars), when they work, do so to the degree that they hurt. With the advent of modern  methods and tools they are irrelevant.” 

According to veterinarian and veterinary behaviorist Dr. Soraya V. Juarbe-Diaz: "Using punishment to stop behaviors is not new. Notice I say ‘stop’ rather than ‘teach’ -- I can stop any behavior, but I am more interested in teaching my students, animal or human, to choose the behavior I want them to perform because they can trust me, because I do not hurt them and they are safe with me, and because the outcome is something they enjoy.”


What we’re all about:

Celebrating all dogs

We are dedicated to you and your dog, and we recognize that all too often there aren’t many places to go with your dog, and socialization with your dog is important! We host playdates to complete the “whole dog” concept that we promote above all things. 


We offer puppy classes and different levels of obedience training all aimed at building a foundation. Then we start adding in the 3 D’s of dog training: Distance, Distraction and Duration. By adding these 3 D’s we can expect more out of your dog in all situations! We also have fun classes that are aimed at building the human-animal bond such as tricks and games, targeting, and more.

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Holistic Health + Wellness

We offer a Certified Canine Nutritionist to help with overweight dogs, helping them to eat healthy overall to prevent disease, or for dogs that have disease processes going on. We all know that nutrition is the foundation of all beings, so making sure you are feeding a high quality food is important, especially since deciphering food bags can be more than tricky. Charlene DePalma has been a human nutritionist for many years, and has added species to her resume — we are lucky to have her!

Charlene is also a canine massotherapist. Canine massotherapy can offer many benefits including: relaxation, rehabilitation (great for dogs that do competition dog sports), help to relieve age-related problems, reversing muscle atrophy, relieving muscle tension soreness and weakness, helping chronic pain such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, and supporting overall well-being. This can also help calm hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness. Learn More  →

We also carry an extensive line of Doterra essential oils. Essential oils can have many benefits such as reducing anxiety, inflammation. Learn More  →

Understanding dogs with special needs

We specialize in behavior issues with dogs, including aggression of all types (or perceived aggression), fear, anxieties of all types (separation, storm, etc.), housebreaking, nipping, chewing, all of the “normal dog” behaviors. Often with these types of behaviors we recommend private lessons either at our facility, in your home, or drop-off and train.  

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Dog Sports + Agility

We offer dog sports classes for fun! These classes allow you to build a good foundation to compete, provide good exercise for your dog, and are also a TON of FUN for both you and your dog! We offer different levels of agility, flyball and also treiball. 

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Dog Reiki + Yoga

Reiki is a hands-on healing method that originated in Japan. The word means “universal life energy.” Energy is channeled from the person to the animal through light touch either directly or from a distance. Reiki is a safe complement to all forms of healing and medicine and often enhances the effects. You should consider Reiki in cases of chronic illness, irrational behavior patterns, swelling, pain relief, increasing range of motion, emotional issues such as separation anxiety, phobias, and distress resulting from trauma. Maureen Lauer-Gatta is owner of The Yoga Room in Niles, Ohio and is a Reiki practioner. She will be offering Reiki for animals at The Canine Campus.

We also feature yoga for you and your dog! The goal of these yoga classes is to have your dog come with you and lay down on a mat while you enjoy the awesome yoga led by Maureen Lauer-Gatta of The Yoga Room. You always have the option of coming without your dog for the yoga events. We are also offering a type of yoga specifically for veterans with PTSD that will be led by Maureen Lauer-Gatta and Ginny Taylor. Call for more information!

Rescue + Shelter Support

We remain dedicated to rescue and shelters — Katie has always provided free help to many of our local shelters and rescues and The Canine Campus will be no different. Most of our Trainers are actively involved in animal rescue (including 3 trainers who founded the dog rescue Paw Platoon) and pull from a wide array of experiences.

Therapy + Service Dog Training

We also have classes aimed at therapy animals. Our owner, Katie Costello, RVT; CPDT-KA, is the founder of K-9’s for Compassion, a therapy animal group in the valley.  This group has been around for nearly 20 years, and is now housed in The Canine Campus.

Service dogs are our newest addition to The Canine Campus. We are training service dogs for nearly every disability. Katie is also the founder of the non-profit group The Together Journey that is dedicated to raising money to defer the cost of the service dogs. This business is also now housed in The Canine Campus.

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Socializing with your dog tribe

We want people to have choices of things they can do with their dogs! Until now, you’ve taken your dog to training and it was a class, then you are on your way. The Canine Campus is a place for you and your dog to learn, relax, become one, and find a balance not just in training but in your existence together.

We offer a monthly bereavement group. This support group will help people who have lost a dog and allow a space that people can meet for support. We will sometimes have guest speakers for these events as well.

We will be holding monthly drum circles. Drumming is for everyone and there are many benefits to drumming including: reducing stress, boosting the immune system, helping to reduce negative feelings and emotional trauma, helping you to connect with yourself and others, helping connect to the natural rhythm around us, grounding ourselves, helping ourselves to use bilateral movement that produces deeper self-awareness and promotes alpha waves, grounding ourselves in the present moment — and it is FUN! And you can do this with your dog! Drum circles will be led by John Gatta.


Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
— Orhan Pamuk