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Canine Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy for Dogs

Massage Therapy can provide relief from a number of ailments including physical traumas, chronic and acute diseases, hip dysplasia, structural deformities and weaknesses, and autoimmune system failures. Massage can help with post surgical rehabilitation, soreness, stiffness and arthritis.

Canine Massage Therapy promotes overall health in dogs. Some of the many benefits include, improved joint flexibility, increases oxygen throughout the body, promotes relaxation, provides relief from pain and has also benefits the immune system.

Canine Massage Therapy promotes the healing process by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles, and aiding in carrying away excessive fluids and toxins. It is great for the athletic dogs, those competing in such sports as agility, as it will help with muscle tone, range of motion and over all better physical condition. Elderly dogs will benefit greatly by stimulation of circulation, which helps defrost frozen muscles, which then release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Massage Canine Therapy can help to reduce stress and tension levels in dogs of all ages and activity levels. It is wonderful for the Canine Athlete, Rehabilitation, and Special Needs such as rescue dogs adjusting to their new surroundings. 

Your new puppy can also benefit from massage. It will get them used to being handled and helps with socializing them. 

Dogs with high stress jobs like rescue dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs will be given a chance to relax and unwind with a massage.