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Whole-body wellness for your dog

We offer a Certified Canine Nutritionist to help with overweight dogs, helping them to eat healthy overall to prevent disease, or for dogs that have disease processes going on. We all know that nutrition is the foundation of all beings, so making sure you are feeding a high quality food is important, especially since deciphering food bags can be more than tricky. Charlene DePalma has been a human nutritionist for many years, and has added species to her resume — we are lucky to have her!

Charlene is also a canine massotherapist. Canine massotherapy can offer many benefits including: relaxation, rehabilitation (great for dogs that do competition dog sports), help to relieve age-related problems, reversing muscle atrophy, relieving muscle tension soreness and weakness, helping chronic pain such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, and supporting overall well-being. This can also help calm hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness. Learn More  →