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Most of our Dog Sports are only available in Hubbard, exceptions: K9 Parkour (offsite),

Canine Conditioning (Hubbard & Boardman), & Nose Work (Hubbard & Boardman).

Agility Basics

6 months+: 4 sessions; This is a building skills class focusing on recall, ability to ignore distractions, & building drive. These are skills necessary for any agility team to progress towards running an agility course. Students are introduced to the Agility equipment & targeting skills. Prerequisite: AKC Star Puppy or Beginner Obedience $100

Upcoming Classes: tHU 6/13 @6 PM W/KAREN IN HUBBARD

Intro to Agility Training

6 months+: 6 sessions; Introduces dogs & handlers to each of the pieces of Agility Equipment. Dogs will progress at their own rate. By the end of the class, dogs will be able to work off leash. Dogs under 18 months of age will work at a reduced jump height for joint safety. Prerequisite: Agility Basics $145

Upcoming Classes: THU 7/18 @6 PM W/KAREN IN HUBBARD

Intro to Agility Trial Training

12 months+: 6 sessions; A continuation of Intro to Agility Training. Dogs will master obstacles previously introduced. All dogs are expected to work off leash. This class concentrates on improving the dog’s skills with all obstacles. Prerequisite: Intro to Agility Training $145

Upcoming Classes: Thu 5/9 @7:30 pm w/Karen in Hubbard

Intermediate Agility

12 months+: 6 sessions; This class will concentrate on improving the dog’s skills in preparation for Agility Trials. Handling skills & maneuvers are taught & practiced. Prerequisite: Intro to Agility Trial Training $160

Upcoming Classes:

Advanced Agility

12 months+: 6 sessions; This class is for agility teams competing successfully at the Excellent/Master level. This is an interactive class where students are asked to contribute to the training or course layout based on past trial experiences. This class is only offered once per year. Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility & an Agility Title. $160

Upcoming Classes:

Tricks for Agility

6 months+: 6 sessions; This class will focus on agility skills taught as tricks. Through tricks your dog will learn that working with you is fun which improves focus and motivation. Your dog will develop more body awareness that will help improve coordination, balance, and strength, all needed for agility. Body awareness is very important in agility to keep your dog from injuring himself and to really perfect the obstacles!  $125

Upcoming Classes:

K9 Parkour

6 months+: 6 sessions; K9 Parkour combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create a fun activity for dogs and humans. Dogs get introduced to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing over, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world. K9 Parkour can be done anywhere and will probably be at a new location each week. K9 Parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete! $125

Upcoming Classes: Sat 5/25 @9:30 Am w/Erica Offsite (first class in Boardman)

Treibball Levels 1-3

6 sessions per level; The herding sport! Treibball is called Urban Herding because it replaces sheep with large balls so herding can be accessible to any dog. Even city dogs! It promotes teamwork and good communication between dogs and their people as the dogs are sent to “herd” large balls back to a goal.  Treibball is a positive reinforcement sport and is great fun. $145

Upcoming Classes:

Level 2-Sat 6/8 @11:45 am w/Patty in Hubbard

Level 1-Sat 7/6 @1 pm w/Patty in Hubbard

Level 3-Sat 7/20 @11:45 am w/Patty in Hubbard

Fly Ball Levels 1&2

6 sessions per level; Fly ball is a team relay racing dog sport where dogs run down a course over 4 hurdles, hit a box that shoots out a ball, then grab the ball and run back over the 4 hurdles. All this while passing other dogs starting their run down the course, and while facing off against another team! It is great fun for dogs and handlers alike and a great sport for dogs of any age and size. If your dog loves to play fetch and ball games, this sport may be for you! $145

Upcoming Classes:

Level 1-Sun 5/26 @2 Pm w/Kristen in Hubbard

Level 2-Sun 7/7 @2 pm w/Kristen in Hubbard

Rally Levels 1&2

6 sessions per level; Take your dog’s obedience training to a whole new level! Challenge their skills while running an obstacle course! $145

Upcoming Classes: Level 1-Sat 6/8 @10:30 am w/Patty in Hubbard

Competitive Obedience

6 sessions; This class will challenge your dog at Competition Level Obedience! Developed in the 1930s, Obedience is one of the AKC’s oldest sporting events. From walking on- and off-leash to retrieving and jumping, or demonstrating your dog’s ability to stay, Obedience trials feature dogs that are well-behaved at home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. It is essential that the obedience dog demonstrates willingness and enjoyment while it is working with the handler. *Your dog must take a Beginner Obedience class AND either Intro to Competitive Obedience (3 week mini class) OR Do More with Your Dog PRIOR to enrolling in this class.$145

Upcoming Classes: Level 1-Sat 5/25 @2 pm w/Patty in Hubbard

Intro to Nose Work

4 sessions; Work on your dog’s natural ability to use their strongest skill — scent! This is a class where you and your dog will have a great time working together! $90

Upcoming Classes: THU 6/20 @7:30 PM W/pATTY IN HUBBARD

Nose Work Scent Patrol

6 sessions; Welcome to the world of Competitive Nose Work!!! This class will prepare your dog for Scent Work Competitions (Novice Level)! *Your dog MUST have taken one of the following courses in order to participate in this class: Nose Work, Targeting, Tracking Work, or Do More with Your Dog $145

Upcoming Classes: Sat 4/6 @10:30 am w/Patty in Hubbard

There will be a Nose Work Workshop on Saturday 3/30 from 9am-11am, & a 2nd session from 1pm-3pm, cost is $30/dog. you must register for it!

Freestyle-Dancing with Your Dog

6 sessions; Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance organized with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team.  Freestyle is an excellent discipline to illustrate the conformation and movement of the dog. The reach, drive and beauty of an athletic, trained dog moving to music can take one’s breath away! $125

Upcoming Classes:

Canine Conditioning

6 sessions; This class is a non competitive class to challenge your dog, build their core muscles & develop amazing self-confidence! It’s a great way to keep dogs of all ages in shape! There are no prerequisites for this class, just a pup who wants to work hard & have a good time! We also offer a Canine Conditioning Workshop prior to the start of each 6-week Class. The Workshop is a 2-hour paws-on “Try Me” to see if you & your pup will enjoy this class! The 6-week class is offered at $20 off to anyone who attends the Workshop! $145

Upcoming Classes: Tue 5/21 @6 pm w/karen in boardman

There will be a Canine Conditioning Workshop on Tuesday 5/14 from 6p-8pm in boardman, cost is $30/dog. you must register for it!

Canine Conditioning Competition Obedience Rally Level 1 Treibball Level 1