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Agility 3 — Bringing It All Together

Agility 3 — Bringing It All Together


Agility 1 & 2 taught your dog to understand and accept each obstacle…now it is time to really push the envelope! This class will focus on your body language and really teaching dogs to focus on listening skills, your body language and making choices. (The right ones!) We will take the courses that we run to a different level, no more straight objects… we will make turns and twists in the courses. The goal of this class is to really start to hone in on running a course, increasing their drives, making them faster, and taking the courses to the next level. This is a 6-week course (once a week, 1 hour per class).

This class is all outdoor. The only time we cancel is if it is raining or snowing. Cold doesn’t stop us!  

Tuition: $145

Call to sign up!