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Beginner Obedience (16 wks+)

Beginner Obedience (16 wks+)


In this 6 week course we work on obedience and how to apply obedience to real life, address problematic issues like jumping, nipping, stealing, counter surfing, etc. plus work with you on specific problems you may be encountering with your dog. We will cover sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it, and even some tricks. We will teach you how to introduce distance distraction and duration to the skills your dog learns to help solidify those cues.

Note: The first week of class is 2 hours long with no dogs (this is the human training). Then the remaining 5 classes are with dogs for one hour. This class is perfect for dogs age 5 months and older (and no dog is too old!).

Tuition: $125

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