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Walk Nice

Walk Nice


Tired of your dog dragging you down the street? This 4-week course focuses solely on teaching your dog how to walk loosely on leash and not pull you! We will also discuss appropriate products to use to teach this

Note: no chokers, prongs or electronic collars permitted at our facility —  but you don’t need them! The number one complaint of owners is that they can’t walk their dog without feeling like their arm is being pulled off! Having a dog that walks nicely by you makes for a pleasant walking experience. This class will involve mainly outside work (so dress appropriately) as well as off-site walking at a local park to give owners real life practice. You will be walking the entire class so be prepared for lots of exercise! Class is limited to 6 students. Please note that class times are held earlier in the morning or later in the evening due to the heat during the summer months and classes may get pushed out due to weather.

Tuition: $100

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