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Private Training Session

Private Training Session


For some behavior problems it is better to learn about your dog and how to help them in a private lesson. Some issues we need to be in your house to see, others we don’t need to “see” the behavior we can ask you the right questions and know what is going on and those can be at home.

Another way we can do private lessons, allowing us to really reach the masses, is through SKYPE. We can do either a phone conference or better yet a SKYPE call so that we can see what is going on in your home without us being there (oftentimes us being in your home changes your dog's behavior).

***NOW AVAILABLE- a 1-hour private session at our facility with your trainer for those currently enrolled in a class who feel they need a little "extra" help!

Please call to inquire about scheduling a private session with one of our trainers. 

(330) 716- 3051

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