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R.O.T.C. — Level 1

R.O.T.C. — Level 1


Rescue Oriented Training Curriculum

Science has shown that dogs can and do suffer from PTSD and the stress of being in a rescue situation can have dramatic affects on how a dog adjusts to normal living again. The ultimate mission of this newly developed program, R.O.T.C., is to keep dogs recently adopted  in their new homes and give adoptable dogs a better chance at finding their forever homes.

This four-week course which runs for 1.5 hours each week, consists of developing foundations in Obedience, Impulse Control, Pattern Drills, and Canine/Owner Bonding for dogs currently in a rescue organization program, dogs in short-term or long-term foster care, and dogs who have recently been adopted through a rescue (generally adopted within the last 6 months). 

Completion of the program will be to either recommend continuing R.O.T.C. training in our R.O.T.C. Level 2 course or to attend other training courses such as Obedience and Manners, Sports, or other Specialized Behavior programs.
This course is only open to recently adopted Dogs (generally adopted within 6 months), Foster-Dogs, Rescue Organizations, or Long-Term Shelter Dogs with a dedicated handler.

Capacity is limited to 5 students per 4-week session.

Tuition: $125

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