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Grooming + Handling Sensitivity

Grooming + Handling Sensitivity


Does your dog dislike having their paws touched? Maybe they resist or get snarky when you, the groomer or veterinarian is trying to cut their nails? Do they shy away from being brushed? or having their ears cleaned or mouth area touched? Maybe its just overall handling and restraint?

All of these scenarios (as well as many more) are handling sensitivities. Some dogs show signs at an early age and others develop these later in life, sometimes by just one scary experience. But there is hope. Dogs can be desensitized and visits to the vet and groomers can be far less stressful for you and your dog.

We’re so excited to offer this class. With a unique approach, we work to have the dogs build up a level of comfort to allow handling by letting them choose to participate in the training. Yes, we let them make the choice and what we have found is that it works! Letting dogs decide when to proceed allows for a much less stressful experience with handling and gets far better results than forcing the process. Let us teach you the skills sets and with a commitment on the owners part, handling issues can be helped. Don’t let your dog continue to be stressed out with grooming or handling tasks.

Register now and begin the journey to stress-free handling! 

This is a 4-week class.

Tuition: $100


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