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New Puppy, Basic Obedience & Manners

Obedience + Manners


The Canine Campus Training & Wellness Center 6041 W Liberty St, Hubbard 44425

The Canine Campus 5944 Market St, Boardman 44512

The Canine Campus 179 Bristol Champion Townline Rd NW, Bristolville 44402

We also have some classes listed as “Offsite” these classes may be at various locations each week, or just outside/around the parking lot.


Puppy Class

Puppies 16 weeks old (& under): Your puppy must attend at least 6 sessions before being promoted to Level 1 or be over 20 weeks of age. You will learn about proper socialization, basic foundation skills (sit, down, come, loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, stay, and more!), how to implement structure, address problem behaviors (jumping, biting, chewing, housebreaking, etc) and learn about puppy grooming health & making vet visits easy. This class includes 15 minutes of off-leash play each week. If you attend all 6 sessions of Puppy Kindergarten we offer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test for a medal from the AKC. $90

NOTE: Your final class must be completed prior to 22 weeks of age.

All puppy classes are open enrollment-start as soon as you’re ready in any class that isn’t filled! (must preregister)

Upcoming Classes:

Tuesdays @6 pm w/gab &kelley in Hubbard


Saturdays @1 pm w/erica in Hubbard

Sundays @10 am w/Kristen in Hubbard

Sundays @11:30 am w/Erica in Boardman


Basic Obedience

Dogs aged 20 weeks+: work on obedience & manners and applying them to real life. Learn to read body language, to understand Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, and other behavioral issues. We will cover sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it, etc. We will teach you how to introduce distance, distraction, and duration to the skills your dog learns to help solidify those cues.

*Our Basic Obedience is now offered in Skill Levels training. Please see the Levels Information page for details and for available days/times. All dogs will start in puppy or Level 1 & be promoted after 6 sessions.

All obedience classes are open enrollment-start as soon as you’re ready in any class that isn’t filled! (must preregister)


Impulse Control

Dogs aged 5 months+: 6 sessions; Is your dog barky? Do they jump over everyone? Do they steal things? Maybe they are demanding? All of these issues are a result of poor impulse control, something dogs aren't naturally good at. Their frontal lobe is the least advanced part of their brain and one of the functions of the frontal lobe is impulse control. In this class, your dog will learn how to have better self-control & patience through the work we do. The more you practice working on impulse control the better your dog will be all the way around! $130

Upcoming Classes:


sat 10/19 @11:45am w/erica in hubbard

sun 10/27 @1:45pm w/kristen in hubbard

mon 11/4 @5:45pm w/lorri in hubbard


Town & City

Dogs aged 6 months+: 6 sessions; This class tests your dog’s obedience skills at a different location every week! Some in the city, some in the country. We will add the distractions from both (as well as being outside) to make your dog a well behaved canine in public! You’ll go to the park, the pet store, the hardware store & more! $145

Upcoming Classes:

sat 10/19 @10am w/erica offsite (first class at pet supplies plus in niles)


Leash Walking

HEELING & ATTENTION WORK: Dogs aged 16 weeks+, 6 sessions; work on leash walking at your side & keeping your dog’s attention on you & not the distractions around him! This class is OPEN ENROLLMENT and is only offered on Wednesdays in Hubbard at 6:45. Join any time! $145

LOOSE LEASH WALKING: Focus just on keeping your dog walking loosely on leash for casual strolls! 3 week class only $90!

Upcoming Classes:

Heeling & Attention Work: Wednesdays @6:45 pm w/Eric in Hubbard

loose leash walking: thu 10/10 @6pm w/char in hubbard

sat 11/9 @2:15pm w/kristen in champion

mon 11/18 @6pm w/erica in boardman