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School Rules & Regulations


#1. Class Rules:

  • When you are on Canine Campus Property please be sure to keep your dog restrained on a leash at all times unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

  • We do not permit the following items to be used in classes:

    • retractable leashes

    • choke chains

    • prong/pinch collars

    • shock/vibrate collars

      • Please do not bring your dog into the building using any of these devices.  You will be asked to remove it immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • PLEASE do not allow your dog to approach/greet another dog without the approval of your trainer & the owner of the other dog.  We have many dogs at our facility who are fearful, reactive, or space guarders who are working on their issues.

  • Please be sure to bring TREATS with you to every session.  We recommend bringing 3 types of treats:

    • A basic treat (such as kibble)

    • A good treat (such as a regular dog treat cut up into small bits)

    • A high value treat (such as cheese or hot dogs cut up into small bits)

  • You need to turn in your Questionnaire prior to you coming to class so your instructor can review it & be prepared to help you. It will also help us to be sure you are in the right class for you & your dog.  (We have a digital version available on our website for your convenience)  If you would like a private session, drop & train, or in-home obedience you will not be scheduled until we have received your questionnaire.

#2. Vaccine & Veterinary Requirements:

  • Your dog must be current on vaccinations per their age.  If you are a new client, you MUST provide us with a copy of your dog’s vaccination records BEFORE YOUR DOG ENTERS THE BUILDING.

  • If your dog’s vaccination records are expired in our system you will be notified & asked to provide an updated copy before coming to your next class.

  • We require your dog to have:

    • Rabies (if they are 6 months of age or older)  

    • DHPP (Distemper)

    • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • If your puppy still has boosters needed, they can still come to class as long as you provide an updated record each time they receive a booster

  • Daycare dogs must have a negative fecal within the last 12 months

 #3. Missing a class

  • If you need to miss a session PLEASE follow these steps:

    • For an Obedience/Open Enrollment class (ie: Puppy, Level 1, Level 2, etc):

      • Notify the office or your instructor as soon as you know you will not be here for classes.  Open Enrollment classes are flexible, so if you need to miss, you just have to let us know.

      • If you “no-show” to a session, if you notify us after the class has started, or if you notify us with less than 24 hours’ notice, you may be charged a $25 fee for that session, or it will count towards the sessions you’ve already paid for. If our instructor comes to teach & no one shows up for the class that day, we still have to pay them for being here.  So, please just give us a fair warning if you need to miss.

    • For a regular set class (such as Impulse Control, Town & City, Raging Rover, etc)

      • Notify the office or your instructor as soon as you know you will not be here for classes.

      • Some classes have the option of doing a make-up class (such as Impulse Control) where you can join one of our other classes to make up the session you missed.

        • The maximum number of make-up sessions you can do is TWO

      • Some classes do NOT have the option of doing a make-up class (such as Raging Rover & Panicked Pup) so if you’d like to get caught up (not required) you can do a 1 hour session with your trainer for $50.00.

#4. Payments, Cancellations, & Discounts:

  • A minimum 50% deposit is due when you register for a class.  You will NOT be considered signed up for the class until your deposit is received & your spot might be given to another student.  If you haven’t paid your deposit yet, please call the office to do so to be sure your spot is still available.

  • The remaining balance is due 48 hours prior to the start of class for all classes

    • If you have not paid the full amount or any amount & it’s less than 48 hours before your class starts, please contact the office immediately, your spot may still be available.

  • We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.  Payments can be mailed in to the Hubbard office or done over the phone or in person during office hours. (Mon-Thu 12-7 & Sat 10-2).

  • We will NO LONGER accept payments the day a class starts.

  • Any class with less than 3 dogs is subject to cancellation or delay.  We try to avoid doing this whenever possible, but it does happen from time to time. 

  • You will be notified via the EMAIL ON FILE approximately 5-7 days before the scheduled start date of your class of the status of the class.  This email will either confirm the class is running or notify you of its cancellation or delay. (if you have not paid your deposit you may or may not receive this notification)

  • If we cancel a class we will offer you a full refund if there isn’t another available class that works for you.

  • There are NO REFUNDS for a class once it has begun.

  • If you cancel out of a class with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will not receive a refund.

  • If you’ve taken a class before & would like to retake it for any reason, you can do so at 50% off the cost of the class.  Exceptions to this is Do More with Your Dog Classes.  (Retakes are full price because they are encouraged in Do More with Your Dog-there are many more tricks available so each 6 week session is like a new class).

We are truly excited that you have chosen to come to The Canine Campus for your dog’s training! We look forward to working with you and your dog. We will do our very best to make this a great experience for everyone! If you ever have ANY questions or concerns about our policies, employees, or curriculum, please bring it to the attention of the office manager at .