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Classes available in Hubbard, Boardman, & Champion!

The Canine Campus Training & Wellness Center 6041 W Liberty St, Hubbard 44425

The Canine Campus 5944 Market St, Boardman 44512

The Canine Campus 179 Bristol Champion Townline Rd NW, Bristolville 44402 (CLASSES STARTING JUNE 2019)

We also have some classes listed as “Offsite” these classes may be at various locations each week, or just outside/around the parking lot.


Reactive Dogs & Resource Guarding

Raging Rover Level 1 (8 mos+): $210, 6 sessions; Learn how to manage your reactive dog (whether reactive to dogs, people, or both) so you can take him into public, on walks, and avoid the concern of an issue arising. With reactive dogs, you can’t “cure” them, but you can manage them. First Class is Humans only. Special Policy for this class: There will be no “make-up” classes for Raging Rover Classes. Please, no children under the age of 13 brought to class.

Raging Rover Levels 2-4: $190, 6 sessions each; Further your skills in working with your reactive dog. Level 2: Walking Work, offsite, Level 3: Agility for Reactive Dogs, Level 4: Nosework, build confidence using their strongest skill!

Resource Guarding: $100, 4 sessions; for the dogs who aggressively guard toys, objects, food, their “space”, or even a person! This is for dogs who are ONLY resource guarding OR have completed Raging Rover Level 1 & are still struggling with Resource Guarding.

Leash Reactivity: $100, 4 sessions; for the dogs who are reactive when on leash. This is for dogs who are ONLY reactive when on leash OR have completed Raging Rover Level 1 & are still struggling with leash reactivity.

Upcoming Classes:

Level 1: Sat 8/31 @9 am w/kristen in champion


Fearful Dogs & Separation Anxiety

Panicked Pup Level 1: $175, 6 sessions; We focus on understanding and working through all types of fears and how to make these dogs more comfortable and successful in the world. We will work on each dog’s individual fears whether it is people, dogs, noises, or objects and each dog will learn skill sets to help them navigate and cope with those fears. Humans will learn how to help their dogs become more confident. We will work on confidence building exercises, controlled greetings, and more.

Panicked Pup Levels 2 & 3, Confidence Building: $150, 6 sessions; Continue improving your dog’s confidence levels and coping skills. This class is all about fun and building confidence in dogs. Level 3 incorporates some components of dog sports like agility & treibball!

Vet Prep: $50, 2 sessions; practice & prepare for vet visits for dogs who find the process terrifying!

Upcoming Classes:

Level 2: Mon 8/5 @5:45 pm w/Lorri in Hubbard

Level 1: Wed 8/28 @6 pm w/Lorri in Hubbard

Level 3: Mon 9/23 @5:45 pm w/Lorri in Hubbard

Vet Prep: wED 10/9 @5:45 pm w/eRIC IN HUBBARD