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Liz Carney

Front Office Manager

Liz has been a life long dog lover, bringing home her first stray when she was only in middle school.  She currently has a 14-year-old lab mix named Isis that she found on Route 11, near Cortland, over 12 years ago.  Isis was emaciated, abandoned, and covered in fleas and Liz didn't hesitate to stop her car, scoop the pup up, and take her home.  In addition to Isis, she also has an 9-year-old German Shepherd Dog named Shiva who struggles with fear based anxiety and a 3-year-old Pomeranian Mix named Loki who is full of fun and energy and keeps everyone on their toes. Since starting work at The Canine Campus, Loki has been enjoying a variety of classes to work on Obedience and to add mental and physical stimulation to his life.

Liz lives in Niles with her husband Jeff and their 3 teenage sons, Justin, Dereck, and Lucas.  She attended YSU for Professional Writing & Editing, writes website content for a variety of companies, and is working on a Young Adult Fiction novel.



Tara Sollman