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Charlene DePalma, RD, LD, CCPN

Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Charlene is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years experience in the field of clinical nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and food science. Although she has spent 20+ years as a Registered Dietitian, her true love and passion has always been animals.  

Charlene decided that it was time to follow her passion and become a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist. She was inspired years ago after being chosen for an internship under Dr. Ellen Dierenfeld, head of Animal Nutrition at the Bronx Zoo. Her education and career as a Registered Dietitian provided the foundation necessary to understand food and nutrition as it relates to pets.

Her goal is to provide our clients with a better understanding of their pets nutritional needs throughout all stages of their pets lives and  educate our clients for optimal nutrition through better foods.

She is also a certified Canine Massage Therapist and will be providing canine massage services and education through The Canine Campus. (Click here to read more about canine massage at TCC.)

Charlene lives with her husband Michael in Hubbard Ohio, along with her adopted Papillon Fiona, 2 cats, Moe & Kazi, and Tom her horse. Charlene also has been involved in dog rescue for the last 18 years. 

Partial list of services provided include:

  1. Nutritional counseling and education
  2. Customized weight loss plans
  3. Home prepared diet evaluation and formulation
  4. Diets and advice for dogs with medical issues
  5. Canine Massage Therapy + Bodywork
  6. Canine Water Therapy


•    No medical advice can be provided.
•    Please contact your veterinarian for all medical related questions.

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