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Greg Miller

Playdate Coordinator

Greg has always had a love for animals. He started fostering in 2009 and once he retired in 2010 he moved forward with his true passion in life. He began volunteering at the local dog pound walking dogs and exercising them in the play yard. He discovered a true passion for reading dog body language and understanding their behavior. As he interacted with the shelter dogs he realized he wanted to dive in deeper to better understand their language. He began taking classes on dog body language and play behavior with Katie Costello. From there he began transporting shelter dogs to her for temperament assessments, which only Intrigued him more. 

While volunteering at the pound he formed relationships with many rescue groups and began transporting dogs to safety and fostering full time. They began relying on him heavily to assess dog behavior. He began doing dog introductions and helping rescues understand the behavioral training needs of the dogs they were taking into foster care. 

His journey at the pound led him in another direction as well as behavior. Humane cases caught his eye early on. He began contemplating how he could possibly help in a county in desperate need. In 2015 he founded a non-profit humane society called the Trumbull County Animal Cruelty Task-Force (TACT). He enrolled in humane agent training and was sworn in by the courts as an agent in Trumbull County in 2015. 

Greg resides in Niles with his two rescue dogs Savannah and Dalton and his most recent two foster dogs and two pet turtles. Greg remains active as a pound volunteer and vital volunteer to many rescue groups. The “Miller rest stop” is never empty and always has room for an animal in need.

Tara Sollman