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Katie Costello, RVT; CPDT-KA; ACDBC

Owner / Trainer

Katie started by working at a local humane society in Youngstown at age 16. This experience, where she went from receptionist, to wildlife rehabilitator, to groomer, ultimately inspired her to become a licensed veterinary technician. She continued to perform technician duties for 15 years while teaching training classes out of other peoples’ businesses before pursuing her dream to focus solely on Dog Behavior.

Katie utilizes her broad spectrum of experience to observe a Dog from many angles, and applies a plan specific to each Dog. She is the prior co-owner of The Learning Dog Training and Enrichment Center, is a Registered Veterinary Technician, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CGC Evaluator, Behavior Associate with the International Associate of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Katie has published articles in magazines such as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Dog World, Animal Wellness, Veterinary Technician, and has been recognized nationally for her writing. She also was sought out to do consulting with a company looking to create a separation anxiety product due to her experience and standing in the dog behavior world that allows her to understand dogs in many ways.  

She is a mentor for the 3 main animal behavior schools: CATCH Behavior College, ABC, and Victoria Stillwell Academy.  

She is founder of the non-profit group K-9’s for Compassion, a therapy animal group, which propelled her love of animal behavior through amazing stories she witnessed with the human-animal bond while visiting with her own dogs.

She is also the Co-founder of the non-profit group The Together Journey that raises money to help defer the cost of training service dogs at The Canine Campus for people with disabilities.  

Katie was chosen by CATCH Trainers academy as one of only 4 regional sites to teach the week long hands-on workshop that is taught twice a year at The Canine Campus.

Katie lives with her husband, veterinarian Dr. Samuel Costello and their daughter Anastiya — a junior dog trainer in training. They share life with a group of amazing animals, who all come from abuse/neglect/rescue situations.

7 dogs

  • Bob — Pit Bull, 11 years old

  • Martin — Standard Poodle, 11 years old

  • Pearl — Redbone Coonhound, 7 years old

  • Gracie — Standard Poodle, 9 years old

  • Ben — Standard Poodle, 4 years old

  • Theo — Standard Poodle, 2 years old

  • Sally — Standard Poodle, 5 years old

5 cats, all domestic shorthair:

  • Vasilla — 10 years old

  • Pedro — 12 years old

  • Voodoo — 8 years old

  • Catnip — 11 years old

  • Lilith — 3 years old

5 pet farm pigs — The Costello Family are all vegan/vegetarian

  • Jebbe Boye 7 years old

  • Anselmo 7 years old

  • Rosebud 4 years old

  • Thelma 10 months old

  • Louise 10 months old

1 Rooster — Boris

8 hens — Aunt Bea, Jane, Sasha, Ginger, Mary Anne, Mrs. Howe, Shirley and Rosie


Official Mentor for:

Member Of:




  • IAABC Associate

  • CGC

  • Fear-Free Certified (PPG)

  • Human Animal Bond

  • Reiki Master

  • K9’S for Compassion Therapy Dog Training

  • The Together Journey Service Dog Training

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