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Gabrielle Naples


Gab has earned her Masters Degree in Social Work. When she isn’t working with kids and families in the community, she loves being at home training, playing, and relaxing with her dogs. She has joined our team to start working towards earning her CPDT-KA credentials. As of March 2019 Gab is a Dog Warden for Trumbull County, and is able to help us further our work in helping find a home for every shelter pup in the county!

Gab is a dog lover, through and through. She can remember many arguments in her past between her and her parents because she brought home dogs off the street, or rescued from various other situations.  Gab always found a loving home for these dogs, until she could finally keep them herself.  Gab and her boyfriend have three dogs and two cats. (And Gab hopes to bring in more animals once her boyfriend caves). 

Gabs favorite hobbies revolve around animals. She reads as much as she can about positive reinforcement training, is hoping to start her own groom/board facility, and volunteers at local rescues and dog pounds. 

Gab is very interested and dedicated to training dogs. It all started with her first Mahoning County Dog Pound rescue, Korver. She fell in love from there. She’s been enrolled in many classes with her own pups at The Canine Campus, including Impulse Control, Raging Rover 1 & 2, Sporty Dog, Beginner Obedience, Agility, and soon Do More with Your Dog classes with Korver and more behavioral classes with Lucy. 

Gab believes every dog can be successful with dedicated parents and the right training.

"I love The Canine Campus because of how much I've learned, how much my dogs have learned, how great the customer service has been, and how accommodating and personable the instructors have been. I hope you choose The Canine Campus and Ihope to meet your dog soon!"

Katie Costello