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Rich Curtician

Service Dog Assistant

Richard Curtician Jr. is a Greenville, PA native that joined the U.S. Army right out of high school and served almost 20 years as an OEF/OIF veteran with multiple deployments throughout his career. He is actively engaged in his treatment at the VA for his combat service related injuries. With the hard work and dedication of Rich and his medical team at the Butler, PA VA, his transition to civilian life has been challenging at times but also rewarding.

In April of 2015, Rich was presented with the gift of a labrador retriever and an application to The Together Journey service dog program. After a year and a half, Rich and Mitch were the first to graduate from the program — showing their hard work and dedication to the program and each other finally paid off. Upon graduation, Rich was asked to join the staff at The Canine Campus as a trainer and a battle buddy for future veterans joining the program.  

Rich lives in Greenville with his 3 dogs, 3 cats, his girlfriend Denise, and his daughter Chasey.

 Image by Nikos Frazier,   The Vindicator

Image by Nikos Frazier, The Vindicator

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