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Erica Roden, CGC Evaluator


Erica is a full time trainer and enjoys photography on the side. Her love of dogs prompted her to become a trainer, which has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl.

Erica lives with her husband Rick and two daughters Olivia and Karlee in Mineral Ridge with their five dogs.

Igloo - Siberian Husky rescue

Toby - Australian Shepherd

Ecko - Miniature American Shepherd Rescue - Deaf and Vision Impaired

Piper - Miniature American Shepherd Rescue - Hearing Impaired

Jericho - Australian Shepherd Rescue - Vision Impaired

Toby was the first of their dogs to take a class at The Canine Campus and once Ecko, Piper, and Jericho joined the family, they continued the tradition.  Erica has worked with Toby through Tracking, Agility, and Obedience. Piper through Agility classes and Obedience.  Ecko has worked through Obedience, Scentwork, Agility, Tricks Class with her Novice and Intermediate titles along with working on her Stunt Dog titles. Jericho has completed Puppy, Obedience, Scentwork, and has earned his Novice, Intermediate and Advanced titles in Trick Dog, Jericho is also working on his Stunt Dog titles.

Piper, Ecko, Toby and Jericho will continue their educations at The Canine Campus. 

After rescuing the twins, Piper and Ecko, who are double merles often prone to disabilities due to bad breeding, Erica became an advocate for special needs dogs.  Ecko is deaf and has sight impairment. Piper has a hearing impairment. Jericho has a sight impairment. None of these slow them down in the least. Erica, Ecko, Piper, and Jericho communicate through hand signals and body language. The hearing dogs in the family are also touch and hand signal trained.

Tara Sollman