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Stacey Beckinger


Stacey has shared her home with dogs her entire life and developed a passion for training them. It all started when she got her dog Cody who she quickly discovered loved to learn and play. Agility, flyball, treibball, you name it and Cody attacked it with such passion his joy was infectious,  which made Stacey love it too. She wanted to teach other people and their dogs how to build their bond by working together and enjoying the training process. Then she adopted her dog Quinn who was taken from a puppy mill and had never known anything but a cage. He was afraid of everything and everybody. Helping Quinn overcome his fear of the world so he could enjoy life started her fascination with dog behavior. Quinn became Stacey’s inspiration for learning how to help dogs with behavior issues. Quinn came a long way in overcoming his issues and learned how to enjoy life. Stacey wanted to help other dogs and their people so she enrolled in CATCH Canine Trainers Academy’s Master Class to enhance her skills. And now Stacey enjoys helping other people who have dogs with behavior issues to help their dogs reach their potential.

Her goal is to enrich dogs’ lives the way she feels they have enriched hers. She is a graduate of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, an A.K.C. CGC Evaluator, an APDT C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator, and a member of the APDT. She enjoys working with people and their dogs to help them improve their bond and to just have fun! She lives in Ambridge, PA with her dogs Cody, Quinn, and Chase. 

Tara Sollman