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Tim Patrick, CPDT


Tim is a motivated individual who loves to spend time with his 2 year old black labrador retriever, Penny Lane. He has a passion for reward based training and has recently obtained his CPDT-KA and will continue to pursue a CBCC-KA. His influences are some of the best trainers in the world like Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Paul Owens, Sophia Yin, Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Roger Abrantes, Emily Larlham, Pat Miller, Patricia McConnell, Nicole Wilde, Victoria Stillwell and Ian Dunbar. His favorite book is Don’t Shoot The Dog written by Karen Pryor. The first edition of Don’t Shoot The Dog came out in 1985 and is still one of the biggest influences in the reward-based training community. One of his favorite parts of training is Trick Doggin. His dog Penny Lane will surely impress you with her long list of tricks. 

Tim says,“Reward-based training is the most effective way to teach any dog a behavior or help tackle any undesired behavior. It is also the most humane and compassionate way to train your dog. It’s about building confidence and trust between human and canine. Remember, they might only be there for part of your life but to them you are their whole life!" 

Not only can he teach you amazing communication skills with your dog but he also is a realtor for Northwood Real Estate Services and owns Buckeye Tent & Party Rentals. He is a very self motivated individual with a disciplined work ethic and a strong love for our canine companions! 



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