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We just graduated (2 weeks ago) from the A.K.C. STAR puppy class with our dog Bayleigh. I can NOT sing high enough the praises and ability of Kristen not only as a trainer but also as a person. Bayleigh was, and still is to a point, a VERY skittish German Shepherd dog. First week of class Bayleigh was hiding from everyone... wouldn’t let anyone near her (she wasn’t showing aggression thankfully)... didn’t want to participate in puppy play time at the end of class... she was just leery. Kristen said that first day of training that she has 6 weeks for Bayleigh to let her “get her hands on her.” It took five weeks... but it happened! Plus, she also let a few other pet “moms and dads” pet her, too. A HUGE accomplishment! You can really tell a difference in her. Thank you so much Kristen for helping us work with her on all aspects.

— Melissa Burns, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Katie — she is the most amazing, hard working woman I have had the chance to meet. Her devotion to her work amazes me.

What would I personally do without The Canine Campus? Our dog Duncan is a wonderful, amazing dog. However, he has socialization issues — and everyone says he needs socialization. So how do you socialize a reactive,110 lb. pit-bull? LOL Pet Store... NO. Dog parks... NO. The Canine Campus is the ONLY socialization and training Duncan can get where he is understood and not judged for his reactive nature.

Some people would have turned us away and given up on Duncan, but Katie never has. She loves Duncan as much as we do. I am forever indebted to her for her perseverance with us. Thanks to everyone who helped make The Canine Campus what it is! To the devoted people that put their hard work into making it the best school ever. For always being there when we need you and for all the help and kindness that you all have shown us. We love all of you, and Duncan thanks you!

— Carol Love, 2017


"My two border collies are rescues that were re-homed due to behavioral issues. We’ve been attending classes at TCC on a regular basis after starting with basic obedience. Bishop started in Raging Rover because he barked and lunged non-stop at every dog he saw…even if it appeared as just a speck on the horizon. We continued with Impulse Control, sports, and tricks classes trying to find something he really enjoyed. I cherish a year’s worth of crumpled diplomas that were created walking from the front door to the car, but we soon began exiting the campus with a minimum of craziness. I can’t pinpoint exactly when the behavior disappeared, but students who share classes with us now have a hard time believing he had this issue. Pip had a history of aggression to his owners and growled if anyone got between him and his food/water dish. Both behaviors continued after I adopted him. After multiple desensitization classes (and practice), I’m now able to brush Pip; he even solicits butt scratches and waves goodbye! We’ve made huge progress eliminating his triggers for aggression and he does much better whenever I have him in classes. The sports and tricks classes (in particular), have been a critical part of our success as they help create and maintain the bond between us while we work on the more difficult behavior issues. Thanks, Canine Campus for having such a variety of classes for us to take – just when we were getting bored with obedience, we found your facility and now the sky’s the limit!"

-Linda Grotzinger, 2018

Katie is an amazing trainer and has a passion for making a difference in the lives of everyone she meets. Dogs and their families learn so much and have fun at the same time. So excited to get to experience the beginning of CCT.

— Shirley Monnin, 2017

Such wonderful trainers! When I decided to enroll my new puppy in Beginner Obedience Classes, we found out Rayna (aka Midget Puppy) was fearful of other dogs. Our trainer was excellent helping us work through her fears. My Midget Puppy and I both learned so much from this class. Thank you!

— Karen Gardner, 2018

We will continue to take every class we can. Not only has the training really worked but it is just so much fun. I look forward to that extra bonding time with my dog and I love knowing that he is learning and getting smarter every day — all while having a great time. This school has been such a blessing and we’re so glad to be part of The Canine Campus. Thank you to all the staff.

—Tammy, Ryan + Cooper Gilliam, 2017

Katie is an amazing trainer and an amazing human being who has helped us to understand our dog better which has strengthened our bond with her. We first had Katie come to our house for a 1:1 session and in just 1 hour we learned SO much from her (even though we were already pretty knowledgeable dog owners.) We made the decision to take a reactive dog class with Katie even though we have to drive 3 hours round-trip to take classes with her, but it is worth every ounce of effort we have made. Katie uses positive, non-aversive techniques and she is simply brilliant at understanding and working with special needs dogs.



"Dear Canine Campus and Katie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the help and training we received at our 2 rounds of Raging Rover in 2017/18. Our black lab/pit named Dorothy was very reactive and couldn't even see another dog without peanut butter to calm her down. Today, with the training and tips we have learned we are happy to say we have brought a second dog into our home. Here is a picture of Dorothy and her new friend Teddy. Thank you again and well wishes from our furry family."

-Brett & Brittany Sandy, 2018


Great opportunities are offered to try and learn: Farm Dog, Rodeo Dog, Stunt Dog. As well as Rally, Tricks classes and agility. The teachers Karen, Patty and Eric are knowledgeable and give their heart to help you succeed. Thank you for allowing us to grow, learn, and experience fun with our pups.

-Theresa Dambik, 2019

We just finished up the Impulse Control Class with Patty and have to say how much I learned in that short period of time. I have been a dog owner for many years but had never taken any of them (or me!) to a lesson of any kind. We recently took over ownership of a Pit Bull/Beagle mix named Twitch, age 7, who is a great dog at the house but was very noisy and aggressive-looking when passing other dogs on leash walks. My husband and I plan on doing traveling and want to be able to take Twitch with us but worry about his reaction to other dogs. I had no idea how to stop this behavior. This class has taught us how to re-direct his attention and manage his reaction to other dogs and we have seen quite an improvement in 6 short weeks. I am hoping to continue with other courses in the fall to better myself and open up new experiences for him. Thanks so much for the help!

—Jan O'Malley, 2018

Katie was wonderful with my rescue Lucy. So happy with the results, am looking forward to starting more classes. The difference Katie made in my life and Lucy’s is amazing.


Katie is a TEACHER! She taught me how to work with my dog and she is always positive and encouraging. My dog Khaos and I are class junkies, we take as many as we can. Classes are stimulating and interesting for Khaos and they expand my skills as well. Of all the classes, I’m most proud of Khaos’ passing of the Therapy Dog class. I imagine — throughout the lifetime of my dog — we’ll take just about every class offered. THANK YOU KATIE!

— Geri DeWitt, 2017

Today, our dog Olivia got out of the gate somehow. We live on a busy street, so when I heard her barking from the front yard (instead of the back) I panicked. I ran outside to see her taking off down the street. I yelled her name several times before I got her attention. When we finally made eye contact, I yelled 'stay' and held my hand up exactly how we practiced on Sunday's Impulse Control class, and we have been practicing all week. From half a block away Olivia froze right where she was (about to run into the street) and didn't move. I continued to hold my hand up and say stay as I got closer. She didn't move! I was able to reach her and pick her up before anything dangerous happened. I seriously owe this to Lorri (who helped us practice this skill on Sunday that we originally learned in Beginner Obedience). But also to Paul and Katie who helped us during Beginner Obedience. We still have so much to learn, but I am so grateful with what we have already learned! It made a serious difference today!

-Stephanie Ratliff + Olivia, 2017

“I’m very happy with the class (CGC) we took in Hubbard. Patty was an excellent instructor.”

-Catherine Thompson, 2019

Couldn't be more excited to have such a nice place right down the road from home. I took Ricky to their Canine Good Citizen course with Patty and was thoroughly impressed. Saturdays became my favorite day of the week. Patty was so patient and informative in helping me polish up Ricky's obedience while training him for CGC. Looking forward to taking another course from the CC!

-Chelsea Thompson, 2019

P.S. Their Facebook page is a BLAST to follow. If you haven't done so already, you should give them a "like"!