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Tricks, Stunts, & Brain Games



Tricks, Stunts, & Brain Games

All training courses use positive reinforcement methods only.


Do More with your Dog Levels 1-4

Do More With Your Dog!® is the only official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. Dog trainers tend to train the hardest when working toward a goal—it keeps them motivated, and focused. This 6-week class based on Kyra Sundance’s Do More With Your Dog program will teach your dog tricks to earn titles from Novice through Champion. This class is taught by a Certified Trick Dog Instructor so you will be able to earn your titles at the end of the 6 weeks! $125

Upcoming Classes:

Level 1: Sat 6/29 @3:30 pm w/Patty in Hubbard

Level 1: Tue 8/6 @6 pm w/karen in boardman

Level 2: thu 8/8 @6:30 pm w/patty in hubbard


Stunt Dog LEvels 1&2

Stunt Dog is the live performance trials of the Do More with Your Dog tricks. Your dog must have completed a minimum of 1 title in Do More with Your Dog before enrolling in this class. This class will prepare you & your dog for your Stunt Dog Performance at our yearly indoor trials (held in the spring). $145

Upcoming Classes:

Stunt Dog 2 Open: Sat 7/20 @2:15 pm w/patty in Hubbard

Stunt Dog nOVICE: tHU 9/5 @7:30 pm w/patty in Hubbard


Do More with Your Dog Champion

This 8-week course is by INVITATION ONLY for those who have completed their Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert Levels of Do More with Your Dog. This class will prepare your dog for the Champion title & includes a performance video for your dog. $160

Upcoming Classes:

Sat 8/24 @2:15 pm w/patty in Hubbard


Canine Cranium Challenge

This 6-week class is developed by Katie Costello & works on challenging your dog’s mind in a variety of ways. It’s an amazing way to build confidence in an anxious dog or young puppy as well as keep your senior dog mentally sharp & stimulated! $125

Upcoming Classes:


Puppy See, Puppy Do

(For dogs of ALL ages!) This 6-week class is pure fun & bonding with your dog! We utilize your dog’s natural instinct to mimic behavior & teach them to do some amazing tricks & stunts! $125

Upcoming Classes: