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For detailed course descriptions, visit our classes page. For information about instructors, visit our about page.

We offer classes at these locations:

Hubbard-The Canine Campus: 757 N Main St

Austintown-Broadview Acres Resort: 231 South Canfield Niles Rd

Warren-Dar's Dog Parlour: 1791 Elm Rd NE

Boardman-The Canine Campus: 5944 1/2 Market St

Raging Rover 2, Town & City, All Around Town, & Impulse Control Extreme will be held at a different location each week.  Agility classes are held at Katie's home (address will be provided to those who register).  Walk Nice classes are held outside at the specified locations.

All Upcoming Classes:

Open Enrollment Puppy Class (HUBBARD) Tuesdays @7:15pm & Saturdays @11:30am -$99 JOIN ANY TIME! (must preregister)

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy- Saturday 9/15 @1pm w/Erica in AUSTINTOWN —SALE! $10 OFF!!!

Recall- Sunday 9/16 @12:15pm w/Lorri in HUBBARD SALE! $10 OFF!!!

Housebreaking 101- Sunday 9/16 @12:15pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Stop it! Nipping & Chewing- Sunday 9/16 @1:30pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Training Your... BULLY BREEDS!- Monday 9/17 @7 pm w/Katie in HUBBARD

Beginner Obedience- Monday 9/17 @7:15pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Raging Rover Level 1- Wednesday 9/19 @5:45pm w/Katie in HUBBARD —SALE! $20 OFF!!!

Treibball Level 1- Wednesday 9/19 @7:15pm w/Katie in HUBBARD

Vet Prep- Saturday 9/22 @11am w/Katie in BOARDMAN —SALE! $5 OFF!!!

Impulse Control- Saturday 9/22 @1pm w/Kristen in WARREN

Beginner Obedience- Saturday 9/22 @2:15pm w/Kristen in WARREN

Retrieve & Play- Sunday 9/23 @12pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Agility Level 1- Sunday 9/23 @1:45pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Tracking Work- Monday 9/24 @5:45 pm w/Katie in HUBBARD

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy- Monday 9/24 @6pm w/Paul in BOARDMAN

Beginner Obedience- Monday 9/24 @7:15 pm w/Paul in BOARDMAN

I Am Free- Tuesday 9/25 @5:45 pm w/Katie in BOARDMAN

Recall- Thursday 9/27 @7:15pm w/Char in BOARDMAN

Agility Level 3- Thursday 9/27 @7:30 pm w/Patty in HUBBARD

Do More w/Your Dog 1- Saturday 9/29 @10:15am w/Patty in HUBBARD

Beginner Obedience- Saturday 9/29 @2:30pm w/Erica in AUSTINTOWN

Do More w/Your Dog 2- Tuesday 10/2 @7pm w/Karen in BOARDMAN

Raging Rover Level 1- Tuesday 10/2 @7:15pm w/Katie in BOARDMAN

Impulse Control- Wednesday 10/3 @5:45pm w/Char in HUBBARD

Nose Work- Satruday 10/6 @9am w/Erica in HUBBARD

Dog Meet Dog World- Saturday 10/6 @10am w/Katie in BOARDMAN

Impulse Control- Sunday 10/7 @9:45am w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Beginner Obedience- Sunday 10/7 @11am w/Kristen in HUBBARD

Training a Therapy Dog- Sunday 10/7 @12:15pm w/Lorri in HUBBARD

Impulse Control Extreme- Sunday 10/14 @12pm w/Kristen in HUBBARD/OFFSITE

As part of our Fear Free initiative, we want to help ensure that your dog is living Fear Free in everything he/she does.  Which includes going to the vet!  Most dogs don't "love" the vet, but some are absolutely terrified at the vet's office.  We're here to help! 

We offer a 2-week class called "Vet Prep", it's only $50, and it is a great class to help preparet a new puppy for his/her first vet visit or to help ease an older dog's anxiety about vet visits.  

In addition to this class we have trainers willing to accompany you TO YOUR VET appointment to help your fearful dog at the vet's office! (must take Vet Prep, Panicked Pup, or a Private session for this service).

Next Vet Prep class starts Saturday 9/22 @11am in BOARDMAN with Katie.

When you come to class, please be sure to have your dog on a standard leash fastened to a regular or martingale collar or a harness.  

We do NOT permit the following to be used in the building:

i. Choke Collars

ii. E-collars or Shock Collars

iii. Prong Collars

iv. Retractable Leashes